Custom Mix

If we haven't covered the mix you need please contact us! you can pick from the following; (S1 DRY MIX- S2 GENERAL WET MIX- S3 CONCRETE PUMPS- S4 VERY WET )- (10MM GRAVEL-20MM GRAVEL)- (ADDED AIR ENTRAINER)- (CEMENT RATIOS KILOS PER METER -180-200-220-240-260-280-300-320-340-360-380)- (STRAIGHT CEMENT OR BLENDED CEMENT WITH SLAGG(GGBS) OTHER PREMIX OPYIONS -PAV1-PAV2-GEN1-GEN2-GEN3-RC20-RC25-RC28-RC30-RC32-RC35-RC37-RC40-RC45-RC50


Please contact us on 01423 771480 to order your Custom Mix.